Our festival began in 2011.  Back then it was called Fringetastic Theatre Festival.  The name was coined by co-founder Jer Banks, also the title of a series of video interviews Jer did while travelling across Canada working at Fringe Festivals.  Jer also began producing theatre with “Criminal Genius” in Spring ’09. During the spring & summer of 2010, they informally produced three short plays in cooperation with Vancouver Island Universty’s Theatre Department and Saytr players, toured them to the University of Fraser Valley’s Director’s Festival and had the pleasure of seeing one of these shows, “The Big Smoke,”  in the 2010 Victoria Fringe Festival (where it got great reviews!).


Mission Statement:

Pacific Coast Stage Company is dedicated to nurturing Nanaimo’s emerging artists and connecting them with the rich community of touring artists on the thriving Canadian fringe circuit. Our festival removes barriers that many emerging and touring artists face. We strive to facilitate collaboration, artist experimentation and development, and unbounded artistic freedom to new and established artists alike. We intend to attract international performers to Nanaimo, while reserving half of our slots for local artists, as selected by lottery.