Creative Practice, July 4 2015




July 4, 2015
Harbour City Theatre

Being creative is good for the soul. Ancient people knew this. Communities bonded as people sang together. Everyone danced. People told stories and painted and made music.

Nowadays, most of us are spectators instead of participants. We cut off our own creativity, thinking that we’re not capable. But the true function of creativity is to let that which is inside of us come out.

To be creative is therapeutic and beneficial to the entire community.

This one day workshop focuses on helping participants access their creative impulses, and develop a practice to regularly engage in some creative activity.

To help participants better understand what gets their way of being creative, and the natural gifts that support them, they’ll be guided through an exploration of The Three Instincts – the basic human impulses that we all have and relate to in different ways.

Participants will leave with a practical, actionable, individual plan detailing how they can make a creative practice a regular part of their lives.

photo  0002No previous experience in the arts is required

Registration is limited to 20 participants
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Cost $100 per person (+ $3.30 surcharge)

Facilitated by Lindsay Robertson and TJ Dawe

TJ Dawe is a Vancouver based writer, director and performer of new theatre. He has participated in more than one hundred theatre festivals across Canada and abroad.

LinLindsay headshotdsay Robertson is a Vancouver based coach and counsellor, soon to graduate from Rhodes Wellness College. She’s an accomplished singer/songwriter and plays regularly around Vancouver.

TJ and Lindsay have studied the Three Instincts as part of their teacher training for the Enneagram personality type system – a subject on which they’ve presented at multiple conferences. Together they operate Nine Rivers Wellness.





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