Fringe Hub – free fringe fun!

Fringe belongs to the community and your participation is what makes it great.  The Hub is our town square during the festival, a gathering place for artists and audiences.

Every night after the shows we’ll be there making friends, sharing reviews and enjoying free entertainment. This year Fringe Hub is located at The Vault, a beautiful licensed cafe on the corner of Commercial and Wallace, just two blocks from our venues.  8 til late on festival nights.

 Tues Aug 13: 

Preview night!

5 minute previews of the festival shows for 5 bucks.  Before the festival has even begun savvy fringers will sample the wide variety of shows on offer for the next two weeks.



If only the whole fringe were free.  But it could be!
We’re giving away a VIP pass on Tues Aug 13.  Click to enter.

The Fringe Hub Lineup


Wed Aug 14

9pm Justin & his accordion (folk songs & sea shanties)




Thu Aug 15

8pm the massless

9pm Bobbi Schram

10pm Sean Patton




Fri Aug 16

9pm Kane’s Son

10pm Liam Gibson & Brendan Holm



Sat Aug 17

8:30 Sandeep the Soul Survivor

9:30 Jason Brown! aka big time washed up player



Sun Aug 18

Awoooo!  It’s WOLF THEME DAY.  Dress up & come find your pack.

7-9pm We’re making room for the Troubadour Series to do their thing at the Vault, but we’ll be back at afterward with…

9pm Crimson Coast presents Transculturalism in art making and art watching: a dialogue with Holly Bright & You


Wed Aug 21

9pm The Wild Romantics





Thu Aug 22

8pm Kotarah

8:30pm Poetry with 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac

10pm George Block



Fri Aug 23

9pm Crimson Coast presents Landscape Under Skin Theatre Workshop






Sat Aug 24

9pm the massless

10pm Patrick Courtin & Liam Gibson

11pm Awards Ceremony!  Will your favorite show win?



Sun Aug 25

Aww, it’s the end of fringe.  But it’s also TIM BURTON DAY.  Fun costume possibilities!  Happy birthday, weirdo.

8pm Ian James Electric Group

9pm Ah, Venice



Whew, and that’s just the afterparty! Nanaimo Fringe is 50 other events as well:

Look at Venue 1

Look at Venue 2

Look at Crimson Coast shows & workshops

If only the whole fringe were free.  But it could be for you!
We’re giving away a VIP pass on Tuesday Aug 13.  Click here to enter.

Want to perform at Fringe Hub?  The more the merrier!  We’ve got free fringe tickets for people who volunteer their time & talent.  Send us a message.

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