Venue 2 – Vancouver Island Conference Centre


CANCELLED: Paradise is Jagged

By Walking Bear Productions
Written by Kristen Lewis with David Westcott
Dance, Drama, PG (teens and up)

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $10 + SC / $8 + SC for Students & Seniors (CANCELLED)

A single actor plays several unforgettable roles, while mythic forces intersect with the stark realities of life in time. War, Disease and Religious Corruption haunt Soldiers, Lovers, and Men of God as they vie for a piece of paradise. Join them as they seek redemption not only in heaven, but here, on the blood-stained but still hopeful stage of History.

This performance is exciting as hell. Explosive dance numbers, mind-blowing audio-visual backdrops, and riveting drama. It will keep you glued to your seats ’til the end of the show.

With our apologies, the remaining performances have been cancelled.


A Crack in My Reality

By Sarah Adams
Written by Sarah Adams
Drama, Adult only – coarse language

Duration: 65 minutes
Price: $10 + SC / $8 + SC for Students & Seniors (Get Tickets Now)

Careening through midlife, a songwriter discovers a crack in her reality only to realize that she put the wedge there herself a long time ago so she could find her way home.  Every life is the hero’s journey if profoundly told, for the telling will transform the teller.

Aug 23 at 6pm and 10pm

Aug 24 at 5pm

Aug 25 at 12:30pm



By Noonan Theatre
Written by Molly Noonan
Drama, PG (teens and up)

Duration: 70 minutes
Price: $10 + SC (Get Tickets Now)

Lost in a minefield, a deserting soldier looking for answers relives the pain of repressing his sexuality and love for a best friend and fellow soldier.

Aug 22 at 8pm


Fables, Fools and Fantasy

By The Story Theatre Company
Written by James K. Leard
Comedy, Family Theatre, General (Everyone and their children can come!)

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: $10 + SC / $5 + SC for Children under 13 (Get Tickets Now)

A traveling troupe of actors, a bunch of Aesop’s fables and folktales, and a trunk full of costumes and props is all part of an entertaining, fast-paced comedy that allows the audience to choose stories, pick the actors, and at times get swept up into the action. This one is fun don’t miss it!

All showtimes for this performance have passed.

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