2022 Nanaimo Fringe

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Fringe Festival Hub

Fitzwilliam Gate in Nanaimo’s Old City Quarter

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August 11-21st | Hours: 11am-5pm

Fringe Beer Garden

Gallery Row in Nanaimo’s Old City Quarter | 19+

  • A selection of Longwood craft beverages available
  • 50/50 raffle
  • Patrons must respect Fringe performances taking place on the Gallery Row outdoor stage during beer garden hours.

Each Friday – Sunday | Hours: 4-9pm

Fringe Ticketing

  • ALL PATRONS ARE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE A ONE-TIME $5.00 FRINGE FESTIVAL BUTTON TO SEE ANY SHOWS (available at the Fringe Hub and at the door). Proceeds support the operating costs of the festival
  • In-person shows: $12.00^
  • Festival Pass: Save big and see any 5 Fringe shows for just $50.00^. Pass can be used for yourself, or bring along a friend!
  • Artists receive 100% of their box office revenues; to protect artist income, all ticket sales are final.

^plus applicable fees.

Festival Kick-Off Silent Disco

Gallery Row, Old City Quarter (the corner of Fitzwilliam St. and Wallace St).

Hosted by Cirque Ambulant in partnership with Collective Groove Silent Dance Co.

Get your groove on and join the silent disco party at the Fringe Stage-Craft Beer Garden. Headsets available for a suggested $10 donation.

Cirque Ambulant is a free form circus and dance collective based on the shores of the Salish Sea. Rooted in the realm of play and improvisation they present spectacles of movement and skill with an invitation to play. The eclectic troupe comes with a century of combined circus, dance, athletic and movement experience. There are stilts, juggling, contact improv, ensemble dancing and unpredictable shenanigans in their arsenal of instruments of mass joy and inspiration. The Ambulant are always fun, it’s their mission!

Friday, August 12th8:30-10:30pm

Shows at the Port Theatre

125 Front Street, Nanaimo

2022 Nanaimo Fringe Festival Preview Night

Hosted by Ammar Alfakosh & Paris Healey | Port Theatre Mainstage | 90 mins

Let’s kick off the festivities with this FREE event, compiling 5 minute teasers from each Festival show!

Thursday, August 11th7:00pm

The Last Frontier

Roaring Heart Theatre, Nanaimo

Port Theatre Mainstage | 60 mins | 15+ Strong language & adult situations

The Last Frontier is a new original musical with book by Michael Armstrong and music and lyrics by Beth DeVolder. A new doctor and his young wife arrive in a remote logging camp in northern Minnesota in 1910 where the last great stand of white pine is being cut. Their adventures in the frontier among the towering trees, the rowdy lumberjacks, and the local suffragettes couldn’t be more different. This will be a showcase presentation of the first act.

Fri, August 12th3:45pm
Sat, August 13th8:30pm
Wed, August 17th8:30pm
Fri, August 19th5:45pm
Sat, August 20th5:45pm
Sun, August 21st3pm

Randii Andii – Going Deep

Randii Andii, Nanaimo

Port Theatre Mainstage | 60 mins | 18+ nudity, sexuality, LGBTQ+, language

The show consists of comedy, burlesque, a wide variety of musical numbers and fabulous show-stopping costumes. Randii will take you on a musical journey of her life.

Sat, August 13th5:45pm
Tues, August 16th5:45pm
Wed, August 17th3:45pm
Thurs, August 18th8:30pm
Fri, August 19th3:45pm
Sun, August 21st5:45pm

Seven for a Secret

Child of a Hoodlum Productions, Nanaimo

Port Theatre Mainstage | 60 mins | 12+

Seven for a Secret, an original work by Bill Miner, is a 1940s style sci-fi thriller, and will be performed as a live radio drama, complete with period costumes and eerie sound effects, transporting the audience back to the golden age of radio.

Sat, August 13th3:45pm
Sun, August 14th5:45pm
Wed, August 17th5:45pm
Thurs, August 18th3:45pm
Fri, August 19th8:30pm
Sat, August 20th3:45pm

My First Miracle – adventures in bipolar disorder

Bennet Caffee, San Fransisco

Port Theatre Mainstage | 60 mins | 14+ mild profanity

My First Miracle celebrates Bennet Caffee’s bipolar experience from his first manic episode when he was twenty-one to his final episode when he finally accepted treatment. His show highlights the “fun part” of his outrageous manic experiences, but also touches on the depressive side of BPD.

Fri, August 12th5:45pm
Fri, August 12th8:30pm
Sun, August 14th3pm
Tues, August 16th8:30pm
Thurs, August 18th5:45pm
Sat, August 20th8:30pm

Sadec 1965: A Love Story

Flora Le, Washington DC, USA

Port Theatre Lobby | 65 mins | PG13+

How can we find true, sustained love when we failed to receive it? This is the question Sadec 1965 attempts to answer. After finding out that her estranged father has cancer, Flora goes on a 6-week solo motorcycle trip through Vietnam, her father’s homeland, to make sense of her difficult relationship with him. Her search for answers will take her on an incredible journey through time and space, allowing her memories to take on a new meaning.

Fri, August 12th7pm
Sat, August 13th7pm
Sun, August 14th4:15pm
Sun, August 14th7pm
Tues, August 16th4:15pm
Tues, August 16th7pm

When We Gather: a loopy musical

Sing for No Reason Productions, Victoria

Port Theatre Lobby | 55 mins | 10+

Susan is up in the attic all alone, singing harmonies with herself on a vocal looper. Aching for a time when we’ll be able to gather together again, she dreams of singing with friends around a picnic table, by a campfire, and in some happening little bistro. Imagination blurs into reality as the audience begins to realize they’re truly welcome to join in the deliciousness of voices intertwining. When We Gather is a dream collage of original songs, spoken word, movement and memoir.

“Susan Ellenton is the songwriting Queen of the Universe!” – Chris Mann

Wed, August 17th7pm
Thurs, August 18th7pm
Fri, August 19th7pm
Sat, August 20th7pm
Sun, August 21st4:15pm
Sun August 21st7pm

Shows at the OV Arts Centre

25 Victoria Road, Nanaimo

Strange Danger

Herbert Henries – Comedy Dangerist, Winnipeg

OV Arts Centre Mainstage | 45 mins | 16+

A comedy show like no other. Herbert Henries has come all the way from Canada’s Got Talent to your hearts, and he is on a quest to find work one show at a time. A 45-minute roller coaster of comedy, stunts, and a few extra surprises. Every stunt/act he performs is strangely unique and exciting. He loves involving the audience in his show as he can’t afford to hire an assistant. People don’t just watch Herbert Henries; they experience him.

Fri, August 12th7pm
Sat, August 13th7pm
Tues, August 16th5pm
Thurs, August 18th7pm
Fri, August 19th5pm
Sun, August 21st7pm

A Staged Reading: an Intentional Comedy

Live Works, Nanaimo

OV Arts Centre Mainstage | 60 mins | All ages

The first staged reading of the murder mystery, “Macabre Park.” It all goes fantastically wrong as the writer shows up at the last moment with the scripts and their changes…

Sat, August 13th 5pm
Sun, August 14th 5pm
Tues, August 16th 7pm
Wed, August 17th 7pm
Fri, August 19th 7pm
Sat, August 20th 5pm

Out of the Flock

Nabil Sayes, Nanaimo

OV Arts Centre Mainstage

An original work by local theatre artist, Nabil Sayes. Recipient of the Pacific Coast Stage Co. cultural artist bursary.

Fri, August 12th5pm
Sun, August 14th7pm
Wed, August 17th5pm
Thurs, August 18th5pm
Sat, August 20th7pm
Sun, August 21st5pm

Outdoor Shows in the Old City Quarter

The Reason I Perish | performed at Gallery Row

Alina Blackett, Vancouver

60 mins | 16+ (please be advised that any minor patrons must be seated outside of the licensed Beverage Garden, as directed by Festival ushers.)

A meditation on how life experiences can affect one’s health, the potentially devastating impact of trauma, and the isolating and distorting nature of certain diagnoses, this one-person show follows a character who is trapped in an unknown, liminal space. In an attempt to discover where they are, why they are there, and who they’re with, they search through a journal that has been left behind. Selections from the journal come to life through the character, providing a poetic roadmap to the possible meaning of their tragic situation. 

Fri, August 12th4:30pm
Sat, August 13th6:30pm
Sun, August 14th4:30pm
Fri, August 19th6:30pm
Sat, August 20th4:30pm
Sun, August 21st6:30pm

LESBIHONEST  | performed at Gallery Row

Laura Piccinin, Toronto

55 mins | 13+ Mature language and themes regarding Queer identities. (Please be advised that any minor patrons must be seated outside of the licensed Beverage Garden, as directed by Festival ushers.)

A hilarious autobiography of some gay girl in Toronto.

Fri, August 12th6:30pm
Sat, August 13th4:30pm
Sun, August 14th6:30pm
Fri, August 19th4:30pm
Sat, August 20th6:30pm
Sun, August 21st4:30pm

Festival Wrap Karaoke Night | Gallery Row

Hosted by Paris Healey | FREE

Vote for your favourite 2022 Fringe show and celebrate alongside the ‘Pick of the Fringe’ winner at our Festival Wrap Karaoke event in Gallery Row.

Sunday, August 21st8:00pm

Roaming Outdoor Performances