Nanaimo Fringe 2017

August 10 Preview Performance: Free
August 11 – 19 Festival Shows: $12 (plus $5 membership button)
August 19 Award Party: Free

Advance tickets go on-sale Friday, July 21st

Venue #1 | Vancouver Island Conference Centre

Beaver Dreams 6x6Beaver Dreams | Lost & Found Puppet co.

50 minutes | Comedy, Puppetry & Clowning | All ages

A schtick to sink your teeth into. Generation after generation. BEAVERS. Sharing the same land, the same lake, and the same nightmare depicting commercial development threatening their corner of paradise in the Laurentians, Quebec. Get wet at the best dam show!

9:15PM Aug 11, 6:15PM Aug 13, 7:15PM Aug 15, 5:15PM Aug 16, 5PM Aug 18, 2:45PM Aug 19

Winner of 2, Nomminated for 5 Frankie Awards at the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival

INDY Les 2016 4x4Terror on The High Seas | The Adventures of Les Kurkendaal

60 minutes | Comedy | All Ages

Do you have in-laws? What if you were trapped with your in-laws and there was no escape. Les is stuck on a cruise ship with his boyfriend and his boyfriend’s family and he is fearing for his sanity.

4-storyTellers-7-stories4 Storytellers… 7 Stories! | Around Town Tellers

70 minutes | Comedy, Drama | 13 +

Six very funny stories from different countries of the world will keep you laughing plus one inspiring true story of Deborah Goodman’s Jewish mother who was clever enough to evade the holocaust in Poland during World War II and travel to the U.S. to start a new life.

7:15PM Aug 11, 6PM Aug 12, 8PM Aug 13, 9PM Aug 15, 7:30PM Aug 17

Berlin Waltz NEW Nanaimo 2017 program imageBerlin Waltz| Devon More Music

60 minutes | Musical | All ages

A folk-techno musical about the Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall, as told by a small town Canadian kid-turned-accidental-pilgrim, in the city at the centre of the 20th century. With sock puppets, slam poetry, and plenty of propaganda, Devon More puts the Cool back in the Cold War.

8PM Aug 12, 3:30PM Aug 13, 7:30PM Aug 16, 5:45PM Aug 17, 9PM Aug 18, 7:15PM Aug 19

Read a review of Berlin Waltz in Plank magazine

Venue #2 | Harbour City Theatre


Mr.Flubbers'UndeadLegions_squareMr. Flubbers’ Undead Legions | Agnes & Agnes

70 minutes | Comedy, Drama | All ages

A couple of zombies and their fish, Mr. Flubbers, navigate the difficulties involved in moving into a new apartment.

7:45PM Aug 11, 5:15PM Aug 13, 7PM Aug 15, 9:15PM Aug 16, 10:30PM Aug 18, 12:45PM Aug 19

Follow Agnes & Agnes (and Mr. Flubbers) on their tour by following their Facebook page.

WordsSquareWords | Evil Boy Theatre

70 minutes | Drama | All ages

Words define us. They can destroy, and they can save, but what does a writer do when the words won’t stop?

5:45PM Aug 11, 5:15PM Aug 12, 7:15PM Aug 13, 9PM Aug 15, 6:30PM Aug 17, 2:45PM Aug 19

Jukebox Quad 450pxJukebox Drive| Enigmatic Events

50minutes | Drama, Improv |All ages

With Bon Jovi, they speed away from the scene of a crime; with Sinatra, they share their first kiss; with Adele, they spread the ashes of their dead friend. With music providing the backdrop, the actors of Jukebox Drive take a different improvised road trip each night, with a soundtrack influenced by the audience.

8:30PM Aug 17, 8:15PM Aug 18, 5:45PM Aug 19

ShawnologuesShawnologues|The BIG PRODUCTION Company

60 minutes | Dramatic and Comedic monologues | All ages

Patricia Zogar delivers some of George Bernard Shaw’s most profound Truths and observations through 12 of his best characters.

7:15PM Aug 12, 2:30PM Aug 13, 7:30PM Aug 16, 4:15PM Aug 17, 6:30PM Aug 18, 7:30PM Aug 19

My way of joking is to tell the truth; it’s the funniest joke in the world

Venue #3 | The Port Theatre

MyStrokeofLuck.Nanaimo.5x5-1024x1024My Stroke of Luck| Diane Barnes

70 minutes | Comedy, Drama, Storytelling | All ages

I’m a doctor. I diagnose strokes. They happen to other people. Until they don’t. Diane’s story of medical catastrophe and recovery, not only as the skilled physician she is but as parent to a worried teenage son.

A spellbinding and funny look at love, family and seemingly insurmountable odds.

7:30PM Aug 11, 7:15PM Aug 12, 8:30PM Aug 16, 6:30PM Aug 17, 8:30PM Aug 18, 7PM Aug 19

Read more about My Stroke of Luck at the Orlando Fringe.

'Tween Earth and Sky Program ImageTween Earth and Sky| Windwhistle Theatre

60 minutes | Comedy, Drama, Theatrical Storytelling | All ages

From a clever lad’s attempt to outwit a leprechaun, to an ill-stared romance, a ruined aristocrat’s desperate bargain with the Devil and a harrowing journey with a talking corpse, four Irish tales of the supernatural weave an unforgettable spell of enchantment.

5:30PM Aug 12, 8:30PM Aug 15, 6:45PM Aug 16, 8:30PM Aug 17, 6:45PM Aug 18, 4PM Aug 19

Read more about Tween Earth and Sky at the Orlando Fringe.

Nanaimo Fringe Award 2017_1836x2822Festival goers need a membership button and a ticket or pass to see a Fringe show. Buttons are available at the door, cost $5 and are valid all festival long.

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