Pacific Coast Stage Company is pleased to announce the lottery winners of the 2018 Nanaimo Fringe Festival!

The Gay Uncle Explains It All To You

The Gay Uncle Time | Seattle

Jeffrey Robert, The Gay Uncle, learned about life through the Pop, Camp, Gay, Underground and Trash Culture of the 60’s & 70’s and wants to celebrate it all with you. A whirlwind tour inside the mind of an upper-middle-aged gay man done with storytelling, humor and graphic novel style brightly colored paintings on cardboard and found objects.

The worlds fattest contortionist presents : *The 5 star review*

sideshowcomic | Edmonton

The worlds fattest contortionist presents : *The 5 star review*

“You won’t believe your eyes! You can’t believe those thighs! “the 5 star review “ is a deep-fried platter of entertainment. Fatt Matt’s hilarious banter & massive stage presence make him a crowd favourite across the globe.



NickelPumpernickel | Victoria

LUB DUB is what you make it. It is spontaneous, honest, genuine, and vulnerable performance, in a sketch show meets performance art meets ask-me-anything kind of way. LUB DUB is an experiment in being together, creating an inclusive and open space for audience and performers, and a forum for discussions of racism, decolonization, gender, disability, and class. Every show is different, and anything goes. In a nearly perfect summation “I made monkey sounds and put pepper up my nose, but I didn’t feel pressured to do it.” – APT 613 (Ottawa Fringe Festival 2017)

Robert’s Eternal Goldfish      

Audacity Theatre Lab | Dallas

Robert J. Roberts has a huge problem with the world. In particular he really dislikes people. All people. One day he becomes the unlikely custodian of a magical goldfish and Mr. Roberts’ misanthropic view of the world is seriously challenged. Can a person be frustrated into being a better human being?


GoodSide Productions | Parksville and Vancouver

Getting old is not for sissies – and the journey from denial to accepting the whole sordid business is bumpy and – full of laughs.  This is Susan’s 5th one-woman Fringe comedy.

Buzz Off         

Clever Trever | Gabriola Island

Circus style clown show with juggling and music

Confessions of a Closet Time Traveller         

Fly by Night Productions | Victoria

After a ‘near death’ experience at age ten, Anthony became aware that he can travel through time. He kept this ability a closely guarded secret until a couple of years ago, when scientists announced their discovery that we are actually all time travellers. This performance marks his coming out as a time traveller.

After the Beep

Pamela Bethel | Victoria

Pamela found cassettes from her very own answering machine she had as a teenager during the early 1990’s. Despite the obvious risk of death by embarrassment, she’s sharing this archive of adolescence with live audiences. Part confessional, part show-and-tell, it’s an exploration of awkward times revealed by the recorded voices of BFs, BFFs, a frenemy and wrong numbers.

Ten Tips for a Collapsed Uterus         

Colleen Brow | North Vancouver

An eclectic and humorous look at the many layers (and, wrinkles) of aging. A combination of stand-up comedy and storytelling ensconced in multi-media images (cartoon sketches, still images).

Tragedy + Time Served = Comedy     

Mark Hughes | Vancouver

Semi professional bank robber to semi professional stand up comic

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