2019 Festival Shows

August 8 Preview Performance: Free At Harbour City Theatre
August 9 – 17 Festival Shows: $12 (plus $5 membership button)
August 17 Award Party: Free
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Festival Passes ($50 plus button) and Program Guides available online 

Harbour City Theatre



Oasis | Lucky Duck Theatre

60 min | Comedy,  Drama | Over 13 Coarse Language

“A man’s code and values are that which guide his choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of his life.” Jeremy Lawson’s values have led him on a course to a studio apartment on a small island in the Caribbean, where he lives in exile while operating the world’s largest online drug market. Marooned in a world of loneliness and betrayal, he reflects on a lifetime of choices — what he has gained and lost — while treading further down an uncertain path. Oasis is a multi-media play about love, regret, and libertarianism. Told in two acts.

written by Drew McLachlan  | Nanaimo

10-Aug 2:45 PM, 11-Aug 3:30 PM, 13-Aug 7:15 PM,
14-Aug 8:00 PM, 15-Aug 5:30 PM, 17-Aug 1:30 PM

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Weaving Webs | Creative Moves

60 min | Dance | All ages welcome

And what sort of web shall we weave? Threads that tie us together in connection, tangled up together in the web of creation. Part multimedia dance solo performance, part experimental interactive participatory temporary art installation. Let’s spin something new together.

Written and performed by Julie Leir-VanSickle |  Pocatello, Idaho

9-Aug 9:00 PM, 10-Aug 6:00 PM, 11-Aug 8:30 PM,
15-Aug 7:30 PM, 16-Aug 5:15 PM, 17-Aug 5:00 PM


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Around Town Tellers Fringe posterAround the World in 60 Minutes | The Around Town Tellers

60 min |Storytelling | Adult

We’re on a journey and you’re invited! We’ll travel to Japan, Ireland, Sierra Leone, Australia, and Canada, as we share old stories and new ones, folk tales and personal adventures.  Join us as we face hungry monkeys, an unusual adoption, and a perilous weekend paddle.  No passport required!

Adapted folk tales and personal stories written and performed by Pat Forrest, Laurie Hutchinson, Rachel Muller, Lee Porteous – from Nanaimo and Victoria BC

9-Aug 7:15 PM, 10-Aug 4:15 PM, 11-Aug 12:00 PM,
14-Aug 4:15 PM, 16-Aug 3:30 PM, 17-Aug 6:45 PM

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charlie-petch-.pngMel Malarkey Gets the Bums Rush | Erroneous Productions

Travel back to 1931 and join us for this bodacious vaudeville show about Mel Malarkey’s last night in her theatre. Award-winning spoken word artist and musician, Charlie Petch, marries poetry, original music, and theatre in this hilarious and heartbreaking performance. Donkeys! Gigolos! The Musical Saw! Find out why Electric City Magazine called it “The Best of 2017”

55 min | Tragicomedy| 14+

Written an performed by Charlie Petch  |  Peterborough Ontario

10-Aug 9:30 PM, 11-Aug 6:00 PM, 13-Aug 9:30 PM,
14-Aug 9:30 PM, 15-Aug 9:15 PM, 17-Aug 3:15 PM

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Kismet Theatre

Narcissistic Bitch #2 - Carolyn ThomasNarcissistic B*tch | Carolyn Thomas

60 min | Comedy Musical | 13+

A one-woman show in the style of a support group where Gigi looks back at the Narcissistic personalities she has met, how they’ve shaped her, and what you can do to avoid the same mistakes.

Created by Carolyn Thomas  | Nanaimo

9-Aug 9:15 PM, 11-Aug 7:45 PM, 13-Aug 9:00 PM,
15-Aug 7:15 PM, 16-Aug 9:15 PM, 17-Aug 7:00 PM

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dsc_6775-gerson-robboy.jpgOh, Susanna! | Bellows & Squawk

60 min with a 10 min Q & A to follow | Musical Historical | everyone welcome 

Bellows & Squawk explore how Blackface Minstrelsy influenced American popular song and culture. They will perform songs from 1848 to the 1920s, with commentary and some film clips. But mainly they’ll sing songs that are so much fun you’ll be amazed they are not on the radio today.

Written and performed by Gerson Robboy & Betty Booher  | Portland Oregon

10-Aug 12:30 PM, 10-Aug 9:15 PM, 14-Aug 3:45 PM,
15-Aug 3:00 PM, 16-Aug 5:30 PM, 17-Aug 5:15 PM

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Karie Richards as Matthew_The Ghost Project_Nanaimo Fringe - Karie RichardsThe Ghost Project | Karie Richards

70 min | Comedy Drama | Documentary/Verbatim Theatre  | PG-16

When a person dies does it really mean they no longer exist? Thirteen mysterious experiences. Thirteen compelling characters. A thoughtful one-woman show featuring verbatim accounts of encounters with the spirit world. “…deeply moving at times, very funny at others, and always expertly performed by Richards.” ~The Coast, Halifax.

Written an performed by Karie Richards | Toronto, Ontario

9-Aug 5:30 PM, 11-Aug 12:30 PM, 14-Aug 7:45 PM,
15-Aug 4:45 PM, 16-Aug 7:00 PM, 17-Aug 2:45 PM

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Tony Molesworth (2.5 MEG) - Tony MolesworthBanjoker | Mystic Music Prod

50 min | Comedy | Adult

International Funny Man Tony Molesworth Presents his 5th 1 Man Show ‘BANJOKER’ A Comedic Symphony of Stand Up Comedy, 1 Liners, Witty Banjo Parodies & Original Pickin n” Shtick. Returning from a 2-year L.A Stint as a Regular Major Comedy Club Feature.

Past Shows:
“His skills, talent & reputation rank with the best in this Country” Howie Mandel.
“He was excellent, he had the house spellbound”. Toronto Sun”.
“A Great Accomplishment, Outstanding Performance”.  Markham theatre.

Written an performed by Tony Molesworth | San Diego/Toronto

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How I Murdered My Mother Tomo Suru - Tomo SuruHow I Murdered My Mother| Tomo Suru

60 min | Comedy, Drama, Storytelling | All Ages

What’s the difference between dying “properly” & dying with Alzheimer’s? Dying like a man or a lady? Dying while loved or…? Using humour & horror this new one-man show tells how Gerald & husband tended the final five years of his parents. You may die laughing?

Written an performed by Gerald Williams |read more 

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