2019 Lottery

Pacific Coast Stage Company is pleased to announce the lottery winners of the 2019 Nanaimo Fringe Festival!

Dance with Disease

Schmooze Productions |Dean Chadwick | Nanaimo

One person’s journey of discovery into the world of Parkinson’s Disease.

Narcissistic B*tch (the musical)

Carolyn Thomas & Friends | Carolyn Thomas| Nanaimo

A one-woman show in the style of a support group where Gigi looks back at the Narcissistic personalities shes met, how they’ve shaped her, and what you can do to avoid the same mistakes.


Hunt/Drew McLachlan | Nanaimo

Multi-media two-act play

Around The World in 60 Minutes 

Around Town Tellers | Nanaimo

Welcome to Stories from Around the World. In a space of one hour, we’ll connect with cultures from 5 different continents as we share old stories and new ones, folk tales and personal adventures. We will travel to Japan, Brazil, Europe, Australia & Canada. We will face alligators, hungry ghost, and irritated customs agents. Come join us on a thrilling journey!

Mel Malarkey Gets The Bum’s Rush

Erroneous Productions | Toronto

Basically, this show is trans propaganda wrapped up in a semi-ridiculous vaudeville show about Mel Malarkey’s last night in her theatre. Spoken word artist Charlie Petch marries poetry and theatre in this hilarious and heartbreaking show. Musical Saw, Clyde & Fried The Two Stepping Donkeys, The Dumbells & more. It has a surprise ending.

The Ghost Project

Karie Richards | Toronto

An intimate conversation between solo performer and audience created entirely from verbatim interviews. 13 different characters. 13 different hauntings. A documentary theatre piece that invites the audience into an ever-expanding and engaging meditation on life, and what may come after.

How I Murdered My Mother

Tomo Suru | Vancouver

Becoming orphaned presents challenges that many will never face. Being orphaned at 56 years of age is more like the experience most of us will face at one point. Taking care of a mother with Alzheimer’s and a father who was naturally diminishing is the tale told by one person in one hour. Darkly funny and touching, it is a journey of life.

Weaving Webs 

Creative Moves| Pocatello

And what sort of web shall we weave? Threads that tie us together in connection, tangled up together in the web of creation. Part multimedia dance solo performance, part experimental interactive participatory temporary art installation. Let’s spin something new together.

Oh, Susanna!  

Bellows & Squawk | Portland

Music and spoken word on the influences of blackface minstrelsy on the American popular song, including a selection of songs by vocal duo and visuals.

A Mystics Journey     

Mystic Music Productions | Toronto / San Diego

One man performance art show Reflections in music, humor, the spoken word of the revelations of a Mystics past 40 years journey.