And the Winners ARE…


Local Artist

  1. “Dance with Disease” by Dean Chadwick
  2. “Narcissistic B*tch” (the musical) by Carolyn Thomas
  3. “Oasis” by Drew McLachlin
  4. “Around the World in 60 Minutes” (or 90 minutes) by Laurie Hutchinson (fyi, fringe shows need to be less than 75 minutes)

National Artist

  1. “Choral Acts” by Jessie Rivést
  2. “Mel Malarkey Gets The Bum’s Rush” by Jennifer Neuman
  3. “The Ghost Project” by Karie Richard

International Artist

  1. “Malefic Wonder” by Michael Seebold
  2. “Sexology: The Musical!” by Mel Moseley
  3. “Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor” by Donna Kay Yarborough

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