The results are in!

Here we go people, it’s that moment you’ve all been waiting for… The results for the 2020 Nanaimo Fringe Festival are as follows:

NEW Cultural Category

Beholder Entertainment | Gender Sucks

Local Category

Connor Runnings | Brosferatu (Lasqueti Island)
Willem Roelants | A Bunch of Things (Nanaimo)
Dan’s Production Company | Life Goes On (Nanaimo)
Penny-a-Line Players | Through My Lens (Port Alberni)

National Category

Spec Theatre | Artisanal Intelligence (Vancouver)
Handmade Ivy Productions | Digby and Glass (Saanich)
Bucket Head Theatre | Hegnimwaal: Based Off the Enclosed Assembly Manual of the Same Name (Victoria)
Barbell Productions | The Sparrow Songs: A Country Song String (Toronto)

International Category

James.Network | Living Cartoons (San Francisco, USA)
A Good Catch | Casting Off (St. Kilda, Australia)

Congratulations to all those artists selected to perform in the TENTH annual Festival – we can’t wait to see what you bring to Nanaimo for our milestone year!

We will be following up with all applicants this week.

Festival category waitlists can be found here.

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