Release the Links!

Are you wondering how to watch this year’s festival if you aren’t on Facebook? We have the links for you.

Shortly before the scheduled performances, this link will go live. Clicking on it will take you to our livestream where you can enjoy this year’s performances:


Nanaimo Fringe Festival Schedule

7:00 PM Aug 11  Online Welcome & Teaser Night – catch a sneak peek of all the shows

Brosferatu | August 12th | 7pm
Vulnerable Dissonance | August 12th | 8:30pm
A Bunch of Things | August 13th | 7pm
Digby and Glass | August 13th | 8:30pm
Gender Sucks! | August 14th | 7pm
Casting Off | August 14th | 8:45pm

Festival Wrap Party live-stream & “Pick of the Fringe” encore | August 15th | 7pm

Happy Fringing!

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