A Bunch of Things

Willem Roelants, Nanaimo | Local Performance Category

August 13, 2020 | 7pm

Runtime: 60 minutes + Audience to Artist Talkback

Content advisory:

ASL/Captioning availability TBC

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Most performers are good at what they do. I’m slightly above average at a bunch of things and I promise, I will try my best.

About the Artist

They asked me to write a bio for myself, so…here it is.

Willem Roelants is a *Said slowly while squinting eyes suspiciously* “Performer” from Vancouver Island. He is an experienced actor, musician, comedian, and writer and has been performing live for many years. He is definitely prepared  to do this show and didn’t just slap together a bunch of half-baked performances the week before. He also considered signing up for the Fringe Festival very carefully before doing so, and didn’t just do it hastily to play Russian roulette with his public image.  Willem is also incredibly handsome but he wouldn’t say so himself. In fact, looking at him on stage is half of the show.

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