Nanaimo Fringe 2015

Lottery Results 2015

We announced our lottery results in the spring (below) and soon we’ll be releasing heaps more info about what you can see at the 5th annual Nanaimo Fringe, running August 13-23!


Announcing the Youth Booster Slot

There’s a special space in our festival still waiting to be claimed.  Introducing the Youth Booster Slot: a ninth show in our lineup that just might be yours.

  • Eligibility requirements: all performers in your show are 24 or under and reside in the Regional District of Nanaimo
  • No fees: we’re waiving upfront cost to participate (normally $25 entry fee and $175 artist fee for those who are selected)
  • As usual, we’ll provide an outfitted venue, technician, promotional support, ticket sales
  • 4 showtimes during the festival (Aug 13-23, 2015) rather than the standard 6
  • We’ll keep up to $200 and no greater than 50% of your ticket proceeds in place of the upfront artist fees

Feel free to ask us a question or go ahead and submit your application.  UPDATE: all applications are now closed for the 2015 festival.


Lottery Winners

Nanaimo Fringe Festival runs August 13-23, 2015.  The following companies are being offered a slot, as selected by lottery on March 2.


 Our waitlist