Fringe Lottery Announced

The Lottery Winners for this year’s festival are

The Gay Uncle Explains It All To You

The Gay Uncle Time   Seattle

Jeffrey Robert, The Gay Uncle, learned about life through the Pop, Camp, Gay, Underground and Trash Culture of the 60’s & 70’s and wants to celebrate it all with you. A whirlwind tour inside the mind of an upper-middle-aged gay man done with storytelling, humor and graphic novel style brightly colored paintings on cardboard and found objects.


sideshowcomic           edmonton

comedy contortion

Kitchen Sink   

NickelPumpernickel    Victoria

Exploring the idea of a kitchen sink drama through a repeating fight and a growing amount of actual kitchen sinks. Rediscovering the political nature of this genre with an intersectional feminist framework and a burning disdain for white supremacy.

Robert’s Eternal Goldfish      

Audacity Theatre Lab  Dallas

Robert J. Roberts has a huge problem with the world. In particular he really dislikes people. All people. One day he becomes the unlikely custodian of a magical goldfish and Mr. Roberts’ misanthropic view of the world is seriously challenged. Can a person be frustrated into being a better human being?


GoodSide Productions            Parksville and Vancouver

Getting old is not for sissies – and the journey from denial to accepting the whole sordid business is bumpy and – full of laughs.  This is Susan’s 5th one-woman Fringe comedy.

Buzz Off         

Clever Trever   Gabriola Island

Circus style clown show with juggling and music

Confessions of a Closet Time Traveller         

Fly by Night Productions         Victoria

After a ‘near death’ experience at age ten, Anthony became aware that he can travel through time. He kept this ability a closely guarded secret until a couple of years ago, when scientists announced their discovery that we are actually all time travellers. This performance marks his coming out as a time traveller.

After the Beep

Pamela Bethel Victoria

Pamela found cassettes from her very own answering machine she had as a teenager during the early 1990’s. Despite the obvious risk of death by embarrassment, she’s sharing this archive of adolescence with live audiences. Part confessional, part show-and-tell, it’s an exploration of awkward times revealed by the recorded voices of BFs, BFFs, a frenemy and wrong numbers.

Ten Tips for a Collapsed Uterus         

Colleen Brow  North Vancouver

An eclectic and humorous look at the many layers (and, wrinkles) of aging. A combination of stand-up comedy and storytelling ensconced in multi-media images (cartoon sketches, still images).

Tragedy + Time Served = Comedy     

Mark Hughes  Vancouver

Semi professional bank robber to semi professional stand up comic