Festival Information


International and local theatre companies that will participate in Nanaimo Fringe Festival are selected by lottery, ensuring local and international performers a fair chance to be selected for the stage. Each selected company gets 6 performances during the festival, an outfitted and staffed venue, a listing in our festival program and much more!

The 8th annual Nanaimo Fringe Festival will run August 9 – 18, 2018. 10 companies will be performing in front of a live audience who may love, hate, become transfixed or even startled. Our festival is perfect for developing, emerging and experimenting artists.

Did we mention we deliver 100% of the base ticket price to the participating theatre company?

By donating 100% of the ticket revenues back to the performers, we encourage artists’ exposure, provide a space for local artists to develop their talents and offer the opportunity to build bridges with international performers. You might wonder how we can afford to do what we do…


One of the reasons Fringes have been successful across Canada is because of an incredible group of people that are willing to donate their time, energy and assistance to seeing these events happen. You may know them as Volunteers, but we consider them family and give them special benefits and thank-yous for all their help. Find out about volunteering here.

Our History

Our festival began in 2011.  Back then it was called Fringetastic Theatre Festival.  The name was coined by co-founder Jer Banks, also the title of a series of video interviews Jer did while travelling across Canada working at Fringe Festivals. Find out more about our founders here.