Gender Sucks!

Beholder Entertainment, Nanaimo | Cultural Performance Category

August 14, 2020 | 7pm

Runtime: 70 minutes + Audience to Artist Talkback

(Recipient of Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre artist sponsorship)

Recipient of the inaugural NAC Artist Sponsorship

Content advisory: Adult Language, Loud Noises

ASL/Captioning availability TBC

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Detective Jesse Salgato’s relationship with their fiance, Jean Cooper, is tested after Jesse’s memory is erased following an encounter with a rogue inventor on a quest for revenge against the man who stole her ideas.

About the Artists

Beholder Entertainment started when Sam and Miles moved into Ty’s apartment. Three brilliant minds, two of which with many years of theatre experience. The three of them started creating. They had to with how much talent and ambition was between them. Then Fringe came along and they decided to apply for the Nanaimo Aboriginal Culture category, in the hope’s that it could kick off their production company. Having this opportunity to present the perspective of a trans brown person and having this opportunity to put more trans voices in general out there is the most amazing gift that could ever be given. They are so proud of what they’ve achieved thusfar and where they’re going. Gender Sucks! is their first in what is looking to be a long career in theatre. Moving forward as a production house we are excited to bring more media to our community and the world on every platform we can!

Left to right: Miles Kehoe, production manager for Gender Sucks!; Ty Wesley, writer of Gender Sucks!; Sam Wharram, director of Gender Sucks! The three of us are co-founders of Beholder Entertainment! Photo credit: Sam Wharram.