General Manager Position

Nanaimo Fringe Festival is currently seeking a General Manager. This is a part-time position leading up to the Fringe Festival and full-time during the festival weeks. During the lead up to the festival you would be working independently, mostly through email during whatever hours work for you. The General Manager position is a great opportunity for someone to grow as our festival continues to expand.

Nanaimo Fringe Festival is proud to be a member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals.  The annual event runs August 9 – 18, 2018 in Nanaimo, BC.


  • Love of theatre, more specifically Fringe theatre
  • Knowledge of the Nanaimo Fringe Festival and/or other Fringe Festivals around the world.
  • Ability to work in a team but also independently; self-motivation during prep is essential.
  • Some technical theatre knowledge.
  • Experience with event planning and/or Fringe festivals/not for profit organization.
  • Project management skills, building sponsors, community relations and partner organizations
  • Financial planning and record keeping.
  • Proficient in Excel, Word and Google Docs
  • Experience in Grant writing & ability to manage deadlines
  • Excellent skills at management of staff and volunteers and working alongside Board of Directors
  • Marketing & media experience
  • Knowledge of WordPress or other website editors.
  • Editing newsletters with MailChimp & some image editing

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Operation and management of the festival within festival policy, guidelines, rules and regulations
  • Projecting and recording all festival expenditures including petty cash
  • Working with the book keeper to ensure payments to venues, suppliers and contractors happen on time and as budgeted
  • Facilitating venue selection with the Event Manager and Board of Directors
  • Facilitating and publicizing the artists’ lottery
  • Ensuring the festival’s compliance with the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals’ guidelines
  • Maintaining and updating the Nanaimo Fringe website, Facebook page and twitter page with relevant content
  • Maintain agreements with sponsors
  • Fundraising for the festival by writing for grants both from government sources and private sector foundations with the goal of raising 50% of the overall budget through grants awarded.
  • Creating and distributing the performance schedule
  • Communicating with venue representatives, program guide designer and printers
  • Communicate with performance groups via Artist Mailer emails
  • Planning and implementing a marketing strategy
  • Submitting a final report regarding the operation of the festival with suggestions for improvements in the future.
  • Assisting with ancillary events as able
  • Attending board meetings in person or via Skype as able

The Event Manager/ Volunteer Coordinator works closely with the General Manager and duties between the two can be flexible.

Start date: flexible start date, with support from the outgoing General Manager during the transition. Will need to be available during the festival weeks.

Compensation: $6,000 honorarium annually, prorated the first year. Payment is broken out into $1,000 payments, the last being immediately after the festival closes. You would be hired as a self-employed independent contractor.


To apply: submit a cover letter and resume as one PDF file here by April 14th.