Nanaimo Fringe 2014

Lottery Results

Nanaimo Fringe Festival runs August 14-24

Thank you to everyone who entered the lottery this year.  Here is the randomly selected festival lineup:


Schmooze Productions

Kismet Theatre Collective

In Other Words Theatre

Evil Boy Theatre


The Sunshine Clown Troupe

Seismic Shift Productions


The Adventures of Les Kurkendaal (West Hollywood, USA)

Noel James (Swansea, UK)

About the lottery:

On March 2, 2014 six members of the board of directors of Nanaimo Fringe Festival gathered and determined the lineup by pulling names from a hat.  Chaos is part of what makes fringe magic.  The festival received 22 applications this year.  1 applicant dropped out before the lottery, and 13 are wait listed.



  1. Ponomo Productions
  2. Emma Cooper


  1. Ryan Pilling – Magician
  2. Zopyra Theatre
  3. Marchella Marchicha Productions
  4. Pondering Turtles
  5. Tasha Diamant
  6. 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac


  1. Echo Brown
  2. Minion Productions
  3. La Petite Famille