2018 Festival Shows

August 9 Preview Performance: Free At Harbour City Theatre
August 10 – 18 Festival Shows: $12 (plus $5 membership button)
August 18 Award Party: Free
Advance tickets available on Eventbrite
Festival Passes ($45 plus button) and Program Guides available Mid-July at Fascinating Rhythm

Harbour City Theatre

Tragedy + Time Served = Comedy, picture 1Tragedy + Time Served = Comedy | Mark Hughes

70 min | Comedy, Drama, Storytelling | Recommended for Adults only

The true story of how a semi-professional bank robber turned into a semi-professional stand up comedian.

Written and performed by Mark Hughes | Vancouver BC

10-Aug at 9:00 PM, 12-Aug at 6:15 PM, 14-Aug at 7:00 PM, 15-Aug at 9:00 PM, 17-Aug at 8:45 PM, 18-Aug at 8:00 PM

Reviews: Jenny Review & Janis La Couvee Review

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LUBDUBNickelPumpernickelLUB DUB | NickelPumpernickel

60 min | Comedy, Storytelling, Social Justice, Performance Art | All Ages

LUB DUB is what you make it. Sketch show meets performance-art meets ask-me-anything. An experiment in creating inclusive spaces, and a forum for discussions of racism, decolonization, gender, disability, and class.

Collaboratively created by Monica Ogden, Tony Adams, Ann-Bernice Thomas | Victoria, BC

10-Aug at 5:30 PM, 11-Aug at 7:15 PM, 12-Aug at 8:15 PM, 14-Aug at 9:00 PM, 16-Aug at 4:45 PM, 18-Aug at 6:15 PM

“I made monkey sounds and put pepper up my nose, but I didn’t feel pressured to do it.” – APT 613 (Ottawa Fringe Festival 2017)

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Ten Tips for a Collapsed UterusTen Tips for a Collapsed Uterus (A Mid-life Diary for all Genders) | Coming of Age Productions

60 min | Comedy, Storytelling | Recommended for Adult Audiences

“If we can’t be young, at least we can be immature.”

An immature show about “Maturation” and beyond. Mindless middle-age musings as thick as a delinquent chin hair: Swingers parties, obituaries, sex, Gwyneth Paltrow (damn her), and more. And, tips. Definitely tips. Irreverent humour with a smidgen of melancholy. (No seniors or uteruses were harmed in the making of this show.) Winner of the 2018 Dave Broadfoot Award for Outstanding Comedy Performance.

Written and performed by Colleen Brow | North Vancouver, BC

10-Aug at 7:15 PM, 11-Aug at 9:00 PM, 12-Aug at 12:15 PM, 15-Aug at 3:30 PM, 16-Aug at 9:00 PM, 17-Aug at 3:15 PM

“Hits a chord with her humorous observations culled from the mundane landscape of North American life.” – North Shore Outlook Newspaper

“A humorous Wendy Liebman-esque quality.” – The Georgia Straight.

“Who cares if she’s funny. Her house is a mess. She can’t cook.” – Colleen’s Mother.

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BuzzoffBuzz Off | The Funky Bowler Circus Company

50 min | Clowning, Circus Arts (Juggling) | All Ages

Have you ever been pestered by a fly?!…well, Clever Trever KNOWS you have!!

Watch Clever Trever perform amazing juggling with handmade clown props in this chuckle-some circus drama. It’s clown versus nature in an earnest struggle against gravity filled with belly laughs for you and your whole family.

Written and performed by Trevor Gear | Gabriola Island, BC

11-Aug at 5:15 PM, 12-Aug at 3:30 PM, 15-Aug at 6:45 PM, 16-Aug at 6:30 PM, 17-Aug at 5:00 PM, 18-Aug at 2:00 PM

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Nanaimo Graphic OLD-ISH, GoodSide ProductionsOld-ish | GoodSide Productions

Old-ish is about aging and death – only WAY funnier! Susan Freedman’s fifth one-woman comedy travels the rocky road from denial to grumpy acceptance of the last stage of life.

45 min | Comedy, Storytelling | All Ages

Written an performed by Susan Freedman | Parksville & Vancouver, BC

11-Aug at 3:45 PM, 12-Aug at 2:00 PM, 14-Aug at 5:30 PM, 15-Aug at 5:15 PM, 17-Aug at 6:45 PM, 18-Aug at 4:45 PM

“Riveting storyteller” – 4 1/2 STARS Edmonton Sun

“Freedman is charismatic” – 4 STARS Winnipeg Free Press

“Hilarious show” – Georgia Straight

More information about Old-ish

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Vancouver Island Conference Centre

The-Birdhouse-1008The Birdmann and Egg in BIRDHOUSE | Downunderground

45 min | Comedy Theatre | Recommended for All Ages

Fun Can Save The World! Following ten world tours, from Australia and Japan comes the ‘Most Original Comedy’ of the Edinburgh Fringe in an award-winning live cartoon adventure featuring hip tracks, happening flicks, and hilarious tricks that make a world of difference in a journey from destruction to true greatness.

Created by Trent Baumann and Sachie Mikawa | Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

11-Aug at 2:30 PM, 11-Aug at 8:15 PM, 12-Aug at 12:45 PM, 12-Aug at 8:45 PM

“Utterly endearing idiosyncratic geniuses” -The Scotsman

“See it! Don’t miss it! I’m going again!” -Vancouver Courier

“★★★★★”- Times Colonist

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Confessions of a Time TravellerConfessions of a Closet Time Traveller | Fly By Night Productions

60 min with a 10 min Q & A to follow | Storytelling | Recommended for Adult Audiences

Anthony had a childhood dream in which he saw himself twenty years in the future. Over time, as more events in this dream come true he realized he was a time traveller, but he never told anyone. Now, he’s coming out of the closet.

Written and performed by Anthony Hamilton | Victoria, BC

10-Aug at 5:30 PM, 11-Aug at 4:45 PM, 12-Aug at 6:45 PM, 14-Aug at 9:00 PM, 16-Aug at 5:15 PM, 18-Aug at 2:30 PM

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After the Beep lettering MASTERAfter the Beep | Pamela Bethel

70 min | Comedy | PG-13 (some course language, sexual content)

Pamela found cassettes from the answering machine she had as a teenager in the 90s. Despite the obvious risk of death by embarrassment, she’s sharing this archive of adolescence. Part confessional, part show-and-tell, it’s an exploration of awkward times revealed by the original message recordings of BFs, BFFs, a frenemy and wrong numbers.

Written an performed by Pamela Bethel | Victoria, BC

Show Times: 10-Aug at 7:30 PM, 12-Aug at 2:55 PM, 15-Aug at 6:00 PM, 16-Aug at 3:15 PM, 17-Aug at 5:45 PM, 18-Aug at 12:30 PM

Read reviews: Times Colonist and find out more After the Beep

4 STARS “Funny and sharply observed” -Times Colonist, Victoria

“There’s much more going on behind the pop and bubble of youthful exuberance in After the Beep (though there’s plenty of that too)” -CFUV, Victoria

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The worlds fattest contortionist presents the 5 star reviewThe worlds fattest contortionist presents: “The 5-star review” | sideshow comic

45 min | Comedy | Recommended for +13

“You won’t believe your eyes! You can’t believe those thighs!”

“the 5-star review” is a deep-fried platter of entertainment

Fatt Matt’s hilarious banter & massive stage presence make him a crowd favourite across the globe.


Written an performed by Matt Alaeddine | Edmonton, AB

11-Aug at 6:45 PM, 12-Aug at 5:15 PM, 14-Aug at 7:30 PM, 15-Aug at 8:00 PM, 17-Aug at 7:45 PM, 18-Aug at 8:30 PM

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13122094793_49117936fc_bRobert’s Eternal Goldfish | Audacity Theatre Lab

60 min | Comedy, Drama, Storytelling | Recommended for +13

Robert J. Roberts has a huge problem with the world. In particular, he really dislikes people. All people. One day he becomes the unlikely custodian of a magical goldfish and Mr. Roberts’ misanthropic view of the world is seriously challenged. Can a person be frustrated into being a better human being?

Written an performed by Brad McEntire | Dallas, Texas

14-Aug at 5:45 PM, 15-Aug at 4:15 PM, 16-Aug at 7:45 PM, 17-Aug at 9:15 PM, 18-Aug at 5:00 PM

Read reviews: Dallas Observer Theatre Jones Dallas News or find out more here

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