Nanaimo Fringe Theatre Festival
Bringing Fringe Theatre to the Harbour City since 2011.

Your donation will help us bring more theatre to Nanaimo’s downtown core. You show government agencies that we have valuable local support and help us make strong decisions on the future of the festival.

To honour your donation your name will appear on our website along with our other valued supporters. For donations over $500 your name will appear on the first page of our printed program guide.

To Donate through PayPal, please follow this link PayPal. If you would prefer to donate another way, please contact us.

Registered Name: Pacific Coast Stage Company
Registered non-profit society #S-0049339
Business number: 831125349BC0001

Pacific Coast Stage Company is dedicated to nurturing Nanaimo’s emerging artists and connecting them with the rich community of touring artists on the thriving Canadian fringe circuit. Our festival removes barriers that many emerging and touring artists face. We strive to facilitate collaboration, artist experimentation and development, and unbounded artistic freedom to new and established artists alike. We intend to attract international performers to Nanaimo while reserving half of our slots for local artists, as selected by lottery.